Sunday, October 28, 2012

sol-tan Summer Mix

A mix I created made for the Summer of 2011 but thought I'd share it before the sunny days that lie ahead.

A Bigger Splash pop art painting by British artist David Hockney

Friday, October 26, 2012

Knocks Dcup

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Piece by Robert Canali as part of his In Dust collection (his own website didn't seem to work)

From the Melbourne based producer Dcup who brought us the globally thrashed "We No Speak Americano." comes a tastier tropical disco flavoured number "I'm Corrupt" (just like my hard drive). There's just something about kids singing on a track that's always a winner.

It's a modern rendition of an oldie but close enough for a fogie to call it a copy.

Song needs more piano!

To finish off is an Of Monsters and Men piece called "Little Talks" which sounds a bit like if the xx were to feature on an Edward Sharpe song. The Knocks remix manages to inject a bit of upbeat disco energy.

Lovely Neh?

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Illustration by Aldous Massie's and features in his Rebirth Collection
I usually don't have the attention span for house music but the warm harmony and vocal progression in Chris Malinchak's newest track manages to hold my attention and release my tension... He is part of the French Express label which features the likes of Moonboots and Perseus. French Express release a lot of free downloads on their soundcloud page if you're of the house/poolside persuasion, including this one:

Apparently every time you skip part of a song a baby giraffe dies.

This is an older Alan Braxe track that stems from a similar vein:

While you are riding the wave here's the Falcon remix of New Lands which carries on the flowing bass lines with the harsh but reassuring New Lands vocals. With a kicker right at the end for anyone who is patient or hates baby giraffes.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Labour Day


Art by Mark Chadwick
Here are some old tracks from the likes of Handbook and Gold Panda I've started listening to again. Nothing like some sample hip hop to chill out to over the long weekend.
Gold Panda - Marriage from Ronni Shendar on Vimeo.

Never trust a Hindu Kali Statue 0:47

Handbook's bandcamp site has an archive of most of his tracks.

*A TEED remix to throw in the mix: